Moped Mayhem
Moped Mayhem

Moped Mayhem 2017

This year the mopeds will have two heats and a final. The heats will simply determine your starting position for the final. Fastest first or last the final grid? Not telling you'll just have to wait and see! The actual course will be tighter than ever to ensure that those nice people who read the rules and take notice of them will actually have a chance of winning. Speed will have no advantage this year I promise you!

The Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford would never ever be complete without the moped racing, which never fails to live up to the ‘mayhem’ name. Designed to bring the fun back to motorcycle sport the mopeds are based (loosely!!) on 50cc road going bikes that are limited to 30mph.

For the spectators the lack of power made by the bikes is matched only by the rider’s lack of skill and racecraft which results in some hilarious action with spectacular crashes and incidents just like the year one of the Bon Accord entries broke its frame clean in two. If you don’t find yourself laughing at this spectacle we would seriously advise you to make an appointment with your doctor and get your pulse checked. Due to the low speed nature of the racing, combined with the organiser’s safety precautions injuries are rare and tend to be minor in nature.

To win is quite easy! Last year points were awarded in the two heats (from 1st to 20th place) and these points were combined to give us a starting grid for the final. Being the nice organisers that we are we flipped the starting order and made the fast bikes start at the bike with a time handicap. Will we do the same this year? Sorry even we don’t know that yet. All the bikes are fitted with electronic transponders which are supplied to the teams on the morning of the event. The transponders allow us to see every lap time of every bike to one hundredth of a second so cheats are easily spotted and “quick” laps are disallowed. Our commentators have direct access to the live timing data and maybe just maybe we will know who is winning for a change!

The layout of the track is re-designed every year and we hope to provide a few more surprises for the riders, whilst keeping the favourite sections in year on year. You can certainly expect the combination of on-road and off-road, as well as the big jump again, but who knows what else we can come up with to throw everyone off their game.
Moped Mayhem is the one event at the Convention that easily gives YOU the opportunity to get hands on and involved in the action. The rules are fairly simple and flexible; find yourself a 50cc moped, a mate or two or three (teams can be made up of two to four riders), riding gear (including gloves, boots, full face helmets and strong trousers/jacket) must be worn by each rider, fill in the online form then try and get your share of the cash from your mates, and you are good to go! Oh yes, reading the rules is always a good idea, the good news is they are all fairly common sense kind of stuff. 

If you fancy standing out from the mayhem and making your race memorable, why not come in fancy dress, the crowd at the Convention always love to see a pink fairy, Shrek or even Luigi flying over the ramp!

It really is that simple to get involved in the action, so what are you waiting for!  This is your chance to race, on roughly equal terms with road racers, Supermoto riders, casual road riders and trials riders.  Even Guy Martin raced one year (and did not win!!).
If you don't own a moped the first stop would be our long serving and suffering moped sponsors Breaking Point in the Torry district of Aberdeen. Failing that, have a hunt on Ebay or Gumtree. Nearly all 50cc bikes are suitable but bear in mind that we reserve the right to suitably handicap any bike that we deem to be against the spirit of the rules
Our advice is get those entries in nice and early, then concentrate on squeezing more speed out of your moped, always remembering that we have been known to disqualify cheats!