Grampian Transport Museum
Grampian Transport Museum

Year after year thousands of people descend on Alford to come and see the spectacle that is The Grampian Motorcycle Convention and everybody knows that it is held at the Grampian Transport Museum but who has ever been into the museum and how much do you know about the museum and its work in preserving the transport history of Scotland?
The museum was many years in the planning before it finally opened its doors to the public at the start of April 1983. An extension was added in 1998 to provide a tearoom, schoolroom and workshop. A much larger building known as the collections centre was added just a few years back in 2009 to allow for the care of larger objects such as buses and to allow for the conservation of more vehicles. Expansion plans haven’t stopped there though, currently in the pipeline is a new reception centre to improve the customer experience.
From its humble beginnings the museum is now one of the North East’s biggest visitor attractions, with lots to see and do. The obvious cars and motorbikes feature prominently but take a closer look and you will find other forms of transport that have influenced the life of so many. A large and growing bus collection, a tram, a snowplough are still fairly obvious, so have an even closer look and you can find the horse harness, bicycles and even a Sinclair C5. Small but significant objects in the story of transport.
Complementing the static display inside the museum is a full programme of events throughout the season making use of the grounds and oval track. From owner’s club days to supercar rides to steam days to speedfest to family fun days and yes even a barbeque evening there is always something happening at the museum.
Maybe the day of the Convention isn’t the best day to pay the museum a visit but it is well worth making the time and effort to come back another day and have a look round. The museum opens its doors at the end of March and keeps them open seven days a week from 10am – 5pm until the end of October. The staff don’t sit with their feet up all winter though, that’s the time they use to put new exhibits in place and to make sure that there is always something new to look at.
The Grampian Transport Museum is administered a Trust and is a private limited company with full charity status. The museum is actually a self financing educational charity who every year raise around 90% of their revenue funding from memberships, entrance fees and by holding events through out the year. The Motorcycle Convention is traditionally one of the bigger events held at the museum and has been a good source of funding. So even if you don't have time to go into the museum when you are busy at the convention make a promise to yourself to come back some day soon and have a look round. There really is something for everyone in this place. Of course Grampian Transport Museum is always looking for help and if you can offer any then please get in touch through their official website.

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